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Muhammad Mubarak Bin Habib Mohamed, Dr.

Latar belakang pendidikan:

Sarjana Muda (Kejuruteraan) (Kepujian), NTU,
Sarjana (Islamic Spiritual Culture & Contemporary
Society), International Institute of Islamic Thought and
Civilisation (ISTAC), International Islamic University
(IIUM), Malaysia
Doktor Falsafah, Universiti Brunei Darussalam
Diploma Pos-Siswazah & Sarjana (Pendidikan), NIE,


Pendakwah Bebas


1. (2013). The role of Syed Ahmad bin Muhammad Semait in disseminating Islamic teachings in modern Singapore: his approach and methodology. Thesis submitted for the degree of Masters of Arts (Islamic Spiritual Culture and Contemporary Society. 210 p.

The study aims to address two research questions on Syed Ahmad Semait, the founder of a successful printing house, Pustaka Nasional; what are his ideas, thoughts and works, as well as, how are the ideas and thoughts realized and disseminated.

Asatizah & Ulama – Biografi

2. (2015). Teaching values in science: defining its universal values. In Islamic perspectives on science and technology: selected conference papers. Edited by Muhammad Hashim Kamali, Osman Bakar, Daud Abdul-Fattah Batchelor, Rugayah Hashim. Singapore: Springer, pp. 325-338.

This book comprises of selected articles based on papers presented at the International Conference on Developing Synergies between Islam and Science & Technology for Mankind’s Benefit, held as IAS Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Sains Islam

3. (2017). The role of Islamic intellectual tradition in countering extreme ideologies. Inabah: Journey to the Path of Truth, Issue 30, pp. 42-49.

Through the recourse of the Islamic Intellectual Tradition, Muslims and humanity in general can avoid both the intellectual capitulation of the modernists and blind rejection of the puritanical reformists vis-à-vis the contemporary challenges that confront humanity.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi

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