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Faeza Binti Abdurazak Khambaty

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Sarjana Muda (Bahasa Arab & Sastera), Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (IIUM)
Sarjana (Hubungan Antarabangsa), Sekolah Pengajian Antarabangsa S. Rajaratnam (RSIS), Universiti Teknologi Nanyang (NTU), Singapura


1. (2011, Mac 7). Peranan Al-Azhar dalam gejolak Mesir. Tulisan bersama Afif Pasuni. Berita Harian, hal. 7.

Islam & Politik

2. (2011). Egyption uprising: Al-Azhar’s changing position. Jointly written with Afif Pasuni. RSIS Commentaries, no. 031-11. 2 p.

The uprising in Egypt and the triumph of its people over the regime has put the role of Al-Azhar into question; will it motivate the other religious institutions in the region to do the same?

Islam & Politik

3. (2013). PAS and Islamist organizations in the Middle East:Connections, views and hopes. Paper presented in 5th Southeast Asia Update Programme, 21 June 2013 at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Organised by Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal‐, Land‐en Volkenkunde (KITLV), Wegenigen University & International Institute of Asian Studies (IIAS).

When Hasan Al‐Banna founded the Al‐Ikhwan Al‐Muslimun) in 1928 in Egypt, he had spurred many similar political and civil society groups around the world, including the Islambased Parti Islam Se‐Malaysia (PAS) – the longest running opposition to the nationalist status quo, UMNO, in Malaysian political history.

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