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Hanna Binte Taufiq Siraj

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Sarjana Muda (Sains Politik), Fakulti Ilmu Wahyu dan
Ilmu Kemanusiaan, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (IIUM)
Sarjana Sains (Kajian Antarabangsa), Fakulti Sastera dan Sains Sosial, National University of Singapore (NUS)


Penolong Pengarah, Muis Academy


1. (2003). The future of Islam: The challenges ahead and our responsibility as a new generation of Muslims. In Al-Busyra: Wadah Informasi MWTI, p. 27-28.

Are we, the future generation of Muslims capable and brave enough to defend our own religion, to wage through jihad in the face of slanders and the lies?


2. (2007/2008) Rethinking (old) questions in new contexts: The case of the Qatif Girl. NUSMS Visions, p. 15.

While International media and Human Rights Advocates highlighted the chauvinism within the Saudi judicial practices, Muslims should revisit questions pertaining to the compatibility of Shari’ah law and the modern society.

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