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Hikmatullah Babu Sahib, Dr.

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Sarjana Muda (Pengajian Islam dan Undang-Undang) Peshawar University, Pakistan
Sarjana (Sastera & Pengajian Islam), Peshawar University, Pakistan
Doktor Falsafah (Undang-Undang Islam) Edinburgh University, UK
Post-PhD studies, Yale University, USA


Associate Professor, University Islam Antarabangsa (IIUM)
Pengetua, IS Programme, Darul Arqam Singapura
Ahli, Kaunsel Shariah, Muis
Lembaga Pengarah Syariah, Pergas Investment Holdings (PIH)


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Fiqh 4 Mazhab

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Da‘wah approaches and methods need to be tailored to suit the needs of various localities, taking full cognisance of the peculiar problems and prospects of each locality.


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Taj al-Din al-Subki (728 A.H – 771 A.H) is an important scholar in the 8th century Muslim scholarship. His contributions to Islamic studies are still held in esteem by men of erudition. Details of his biography through the study of history and his achievements are discussed.

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Etika & Akhlak

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