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Muhammad Nuzaihan Bin Hamdan

Latar belakang pendidikan:

Sarjana Muda (Syariah), Kuwait University, Kuwait
Sarjana (Islamic Banking, Finance & Management), Loughborough University, United Kingdom


Associate Director, CIMB Bank Berhad, Singapore
Ahli Lembaga Pentadbir, Masjid Sultan


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Fiqh Ibadat – Zakat

2. (2012, Okt – Dis). Why Islamic banking and finance? Al-Risalah 10, p. 7-10.

Muslims and non-Muslim investors are enticed to do Islamic banking and finance because Islamic banking and finance are an ethical and asset based system guided by core Shariah principles that essentially allow all economic activities.

Fiqh Muamalat

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