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Muhammad Saiful Alam Shah Bin Sudiman

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Sarjana Muda (Islamic Theology), Universiti Al-Azhar, Kaherah, Mesir
Sarjana Kaunseling, Monash University, Australia
Sarjana Sains (Hubungan Antarabangsa), Sekolah Pengajian Antarabangsa S. Rajaratnam (RSIS), Universiti Teknologi Nanyang (NTU), Singapura


Felo Pengkaji Bersekutu, RSIS, NTU
Ahli , Lembaga Rayuan, Muis
Kaunselor, RRG


1. (2014, Mac 1). The teacher-student approach to religious rehabilitation. Jointly written with Mahfuh Haji Halimi and Zulkifli Mohamed Sultan. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses, Vol. 6 Issue 2, p. 31-36.

The teacher-student approach of the education discipline is used in the religious rehabilitation programs for radicalized individuals in Singapore.

Kaunseling & Pemulihan

2. (2015, Apr). The Da’i-Mad’uw approach to religious rehabilitation. Counter Terrorists Trend and Analyses, Vol. 7 Issue 3, p. 21-25.

Discusses the da’i-mad’uw approach to religious rehabilitation which encompasses dialogue, reflective discussion and analysis of classical religious texts in the context of fellowship between Muslims.

Kaunseling & Pemulihan

3. (2016, Feb). Indonesians’ response to Jakarta attacks: New strategy to curb ISIS’ influence. RSIS Commentary CO024.

Indonesians’ response to the recent Jakarta terror attacks marks a significant shift of attitude toward terrorism and martyrdom. It is a stark contrast to seven years ago when a similar situation took place in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

4. (2016, Mac 3). Igniting the spark of radicalisation in the Philippines. Comments & Analysis.

Manila must move now to engage the community and inoculate its larger society from the threat of terrorism. Quiapo can become the beneficiary of a pilot community engagement programme. Radicalisation and terrorism should be framed as national security concerns, as they undermine social cohesion.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

5. (2016, Okt 11). Salafis and Wahhabis: two sides of the same coins? Jointly written with Mohamed Ali. RSIS Commentaries 254.

The terms Salafis and Wahhabis are often used inter-changeably. Many confuse the two while others refer them as one. Find out what are the differences between the two.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi

6. (2017, Feb). Attacks in Europe: a new strategy to influence Hijra to IS distant wilayats. Counter Terrorists Trend and Analyses, Vol. 9 Issue 2, p. 10-13.

In 2016, the ‘Islamic State (IS)’ claimed reponsibiity for many attacks in Europe to draw attention to IS operational capability, and to encourage Europe Muslims to emigrate to IS distant wilayats (provinces) in the wake of public outrage over IS claimed off sh ore attacks.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

7. (2017). Women’s role as community gatekeepers and civil society leaders in countering terrorism and extremism. Jointly written with Sabariah Mohamed Hussin. Inabah: Journey to the Path of Truth, Issue 29, p. 22-25.

More women are getting involved in suicide bombings and other terrorism-related activities. It is timely to examine past and present counter-terrorism efforts to formulate fresh approaches with women counsellors, psychologists, educationists, clerics and volunteers playing key and strategic roles.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi

8. (2017). Debunking Hijra-Al-Wala Wal Bala / Nexus by the Islamic state. Inabah: Journey to the Path of Truth, Issue 30, p. 8–13.

It argues that ISIS is determined to spread salafi-jihadi teaching of Al-Wala’ wal bara’ doctrine at the expense of hijra.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi

9. (2017). Countering ISIS call for hijra (emigration): a review through the lens of maqāṣid ash-sharīʿah. Journal of Deradicalisation no. 12, pp. 60 – 83.

It focuses on the notion of hijra as interpreted by ISIS to draw Muslims to Iraq and Syria to strengthen its rank and file. It argues that the modern jihadists’ interpretation of hijra is a misrepresentation of the two earlier emigrations. More importantly, it fails to satisfy the Maqāṣid Ash-Sharīʿah or the objectives of Sharīʿah law.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

10. (2017, Okt 10). IS misconception of Bay’at : nuances in oath of allegiance. RSIS Commentary 188.

Investigations of a Singaporean national Imran Kassim on terrorism-related charges reveal that a flawed understanding of the concept of bay’at (oath of allegiance) played role in his violent radicalization.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

11. (2017, Nov). Is distortion of Hijrah: Emigrating for a lost cause? RSIS Commentary CO17214.

IS has intensified its call on Muslims to emigrate or hijrah to territories or regions it controls. A correct understanding of hijrah is needed to debunk IS distortion of the term hijrah.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau, Kaunseling & Pemulihan

12. (2018, Jan 2). Returning IS fighters: Lesson from JI’s Hijrah. RSIS Commentary CO1801.

As IS’ enclaves and boltholes shrink in Iraq and Syria, foreign fighters are fleeing back to their countries of origin or other states. Examining the practice of ‘hijrah’ (emigration) by Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) in the past could help the authorities understandwhat lies ahead in the fight against the terrorists.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

13. (2018, Nov 22). Terus berusaha tangkis naratif IS demi hindar masyarakat dari keliru. Berita Harian, hal. 9.

Golongan – Pelampau

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