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Sarjana Muda (Islamic Revealed Knowledge & Heritage) Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (IIUM)
Sarjana Muda (Multimedia Design), University of Huddersfield, UK
Sarjana, Sekolah Pengajian Antarabangsa S. Rajaratnam (RSIS), Universiti Teknologi Nanyang (NTU)


Felo Pengkaji Bersekutu, RSIS, NTU


1. (2015, Oct 27). The electronic digitisation of ISIS: Building a multi-media legacy. RSIS Commentaries CO15228.

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)’s ubiquitous cross-channel connectivity in the social media sphere enables its continuous engagement with its transnational audience, sustaining its online relevance, strong reputation and competitiveness in an increasingly digitised world.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

2. (2016, Feb 23). From Paris to Jakarta: How terror attacks drive mobile engagement. RSIS Commentaries CO16041.

Thanks to mobile communication, the 14 January Jakarta attacks were documented by eyewitnesses through their mobile phone cameras and distributed over quick-sharing applications. This also brought the experience to a whole new level, with the spectre of terrorism making its way into the personal spaces of those on mobile connectivity.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

3. (2016, Jul 1). Children in ISIS Nusantara media outreach. RSIS Commentaries CO16166.

The inclusion of children has raised ISIS Nusantara’s media outreach to new heights. From military training videos to educational mobile applications designed to teach kids jihadist ideology, the indoctrination of young minds with radical tendencies marks a troubling shift in how children have been co-opted into ISIS propaganda strategy.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

4. (2017, Jun 15). Youth and women radicalisation in Singapore: Case of Syaikhah Izzah. RSIS Commentaries CO17119.

Syaikhah Izzah Zahrah Al Ansari is believed to be the first Singaporean woman to be detained for radicalisation. It marks a troubling shift in how young people including females have been co-opted in extremist propaganda strategy. Online radicalisation will continue to be the principal purveyor of extremism in highly digitized societies with strong anti-terrorism laws like Singapore.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

5. (2017, Sep 7). The inevitable Jihad in Myanmar. RSIS Commentaries CO17163.

Violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State has driven over 125,000 Rohingya Muslims fleeing towards neighbouring Bangladesh. The crisis has resulted in growing regional resentment against Myanmar, with hardline Islamist groups promising to wage ‘jihad’ in Myanmar.

Politik – Asia

6. (2017, Sep 28). Abu Uqayl: Bringing the threat closer to home. RSIS Commentaries CO17178.

A recent ISIS video featuring a Singaporean terrorist fighter for the first time attests to the unceasing terrorist threat confronting Southeast Asia including Singapore. It is also a strong reminder of ISIS’ intent to target the wider East Asia.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

7. (2018, Apr 30). Cryptocurrencies: Potential for terror financing? RSIS Commentaries CO18075.

Given their transaction anonymity and user-friendliness, cryptocurrencies appeal to extremist groups as they offer a viable alternative to the mainstream financial system and fiat money which are perceived as ‘kafir’ (infidel) currencies. The threat of cyber-driven terrorist financing is expected to grow.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

8. (2018, Nov 26). Buku ‘Menyangkal ISIS’ usaha tingkat naratif banteras pelampau. Tulisan bersama Unaisah Binte Adam. Berita Harian, hal. 4.

Golongan – Pelampau, Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi

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