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Syifaa’ Yusra Binte Mansor

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Sarjana Muda Usuluddin (Tafsir), Universiti Al-Azhar,
Kaherah, Mesir
Sarjana (Social Science & Organisational Psychology),
Exeter University, United Kingdom


Kaunselor , Kumpulan Pemulihan Agama (RRG)


1. (2017). Challenges in dealing with youth radicalisation in Singapore. Inabah: Journey to the Path of Truth, Issue 30, p. 88- 92.

The recruitment process of youth radicalization is becoming easier online due to curiosity and the wideness of internet information. Family members, friends, religious teachers and members of public play important roles in detecting early radical signs.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi

2. (2017, 23 Nov). Perlu tangani belia berpendirian radikal. Berita Harian, hal. 7.

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