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Sarjana Muda Fiqh dan Usul Fiqh (Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage) Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (IIUM), Kuala Lumpur
Sarjana Sains (Strategic Studies), S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), NTU, Singapura


Felo Pengkaji Bersekutu, (RSIS)


1. (2013, Jul). Deconstructing al-Shabaab’s Transnational Jihadist Image. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analysis, Volume 5, Issue 7, p. 9-11.

Al-Shabaab appears to retain a strong local orientation despite being an Al Qaeda affiliate, although this may change given the current internal conflict between the various factions of the group.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi

2. (2014, Nov). Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the imposter. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analysis, Vol. 6, Issue 10, p. 4-7.

Examines the genealogy of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS who claims to be a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. A review of his background and atrocities committed by the group under his leadership also show the contrast between ISIS ideology and the real teachings of Islam.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

3. (2015, Aug 27). Islamic state: breeding a new generation of jihadists. RSIS Commentaries CO15183.

The terrorist group ISIS is institutionalising an education system that will perpetuate its violent legacy by moulding the young in its fold with ideas of bigotry and hatred.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

4. (2015, 30 Dec) ISIS in Horn of Africa: An imminent alliance with Al-Shabaab? RSIS Commentaries CO15282.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) is expanding into Somalia with factions of the Al Shabaab militant groups pledging allegiance to its “caliph” Abu Bakar Al- Bahgdadi. Will these defections split the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Shabaab or empower IS in the Horn of Africa?

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

5. (2017, Feb 20). Crowdsourcing local attacks: ISIS expands its radical reach. RSIS Commentaries CO17032.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has taken to crowdsourcing local attacks to make up for its losses in the Middle East. This has become a major plank of the group’s strategy to expand its radical reach and inflict global violence.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Golongan Pelampau

6. (2017, Okt). Contradicting wasatiyah: are theological differences the main reason of sectarianism?. Wasat

The Middle East today has been in turmoil by a conflict, namely the Sunni and Shias. Without neglecting the role of religious divergence, the author argues that despite the conflict involving difference sects of Islam that occurred, was actually a political and power issue, not a sectarian difference.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi

7. (2018, Apr 5). Jolo and Maguindanao: New IS Epicentres in Philippines? Jointly written with Jasminder Singh. RSIS Commentaries CO18065.

The presence of the so-called Islamic State in the Philippines continues to be a significant threat in this region. After Marawi, IS fighters have been reported as still active in the southern part of the country. Jolo and Maguindanao are likely to be the next IS stronghold.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi

8. (2018, May). New Al-Fatihin: IS continued ideological threat to Southeast Asia. Jointly written with Jasminder Singh. RSIS Commentaries CO18077.

The new version of Al-Fatihin will continue to threaten the Bahasa- and Malay-speaking societies. The propaganda may not be the tool for recruitment but at least to shape some ideas around religion and politics.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi

9. (2018, Okt). Islam sederhana Arab Saudi: Sumbangan yang terbatas? Wasat 23.

Membicarakan usaha pembaharuan kerajaan Saudi Arabia untuk mewar-warkan Islam Sederhana di negara itu bagi membaiki imej Islam konservatif yang sinonim dengannya.

Aliran Pemikiran / Ideologi, Kesederhanaan Dalam Islam

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Edition No. 23

Islam Sederhana Arab Saudi: Sumbangan Yang Terbatas?

Salah satu perdebatan asas di dalam wacana kesederhanaan adalah pentakrifan maknanya. Masyarakat Muslim berusaha untuk menentukan makna ‘kesederhanaan dalam Islam’…

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