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Mohamed Ibrahim Bin Mohd. Kassim (1926-2014)

Latar belakang pendidikan:

Lulusan Muslim National High School, Myanmar
Academy of Certified Counsellor, Singapura


Penulis & Pendakwah Bebas


1. (2011). The seven excellent habits of a successful Mu’min : Islamic lessons in developing personal integrity. Singapore: Al-Fathhu Traditional Learning Centre, 26 p.

Seven excellent habits include ; khushu in prayers, keep aloof from what is vain, active in deeds of charity, avoid unlawful sex, observe trust faithfully, honour your promises and strictly guard the five daily prayers.

Etika & Akhlak

2. [2011]. Stories from my murshid. As told by Shaikh Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Kassim; compiled by Jamil Abdullah. Singapore: Al-Fathhu Traditional Learning Center, 1 vol.

Messages, told in the form of stories, are effective medium of communication and they have good retentive attributes.

Etika & Akhlak

3. (2013). Muqaddimah memahami al-Quran. Singapura: Al-Fathhu Traditional Learning Centre, 61 hal.

Pengenalan dan kefahaman tentang pentingnya al-Quran untuk kehidupan umat Islam.

Al-Quran – Ulum

4. (2013). An introduction to the understanding of the holy Quran. Singapore: Al- Fathhu Traditional Learning Centre, 60 p.

Gives reader a glimpse of what the Holy Quran is all about.

Al-Quran – Tafsir

5. (2013). Ad-Deenul Islami and its branches : daily practices for every Muslim. Singapore: Al-Fathhu Traditional Learning Centre, 68 p.

The answers to questions on why we are created, brought to this world and the purpose of our creation. Do we endeavor to fulfill this purpose or complete the task assigned to us?

Etika & Akhlak, Akidah, Tasawwur

6. [2013]. A short guide to marriage and parenting in Islam. Singapore: Al-Fathhu Traditional Learning Centre, 42 p.

On the Muslim divorce rates in Singapore. Divorces are mainly due to the misunderstanding of the roles a husband or wife plays in the marriage.

Ahwal Syahsiah – Pernikahan & Perceraian

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