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Siti Nur ‘Alaniah Binte Abdul Wahid

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Sarjana Muda (Usuluddin), Universiti Al-Azhar, Kaherah, Mesir
Sarjana (Pengajian Islam Silang Disiplin), Syarif Hidayatullah, Universiti Islam Negeri (UIN), Jakarta, Indonesia


Pengasas dan Ketua Konsultan, Caliph Consultancy
Pemaju Sumber, Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah


1. (2011). Leveraging technological innovation into creating a more dynamic learning in Islamic religious education. International Conference on Leadership and Management in Islamic Education (ICLM) 2010, The World Congress of Muslim Librarians and Information Scientists (WCOMLIS 2011), 2nd International Conference on Islamic Education (ICIED 2011).Kuala Lumpur: International Islamic University, Malaysia. Also published in : (2011, Dis). Jurnal Dakwah 2, p. 38-51.

Discusses the opportunities and potentials of using new technological innovation in Islamic education. Also included some challenges and recommendations to improve information and share the knowledge amongst the Muslim world.

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2. (2011). State & madrasah education: the case of Singapore. Pasca Sarjana (M.A.) Pengajian Islam, Universiti Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta.

The hypothesis is that interferences of the states in Madrasah education in Singapore does not necessarily lead to a more dynamic learning environment.

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