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Mahmoud Mathlub Bin Sidek

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Sarjana Muda, Universiti Islam Madinah, Arab Saudi
Sarjana (Pendidikan) Universiti Teknologi Nanyang
(NTU), Singapura


Penolong Pengarah, Pejabat Skim Pengiktirafan Asatizah,


1. (2008, Jul-Sep). A trip to Uzbekistan. Nadi 03/08, hal. 28.

A trip report of the Muis delegation to Uzbekistan. The visit aims to strengthen ties between the Islamic communities and also to improve bilateral relations in religious affairs.

Masyarakat Islam – Luar Negara

2. (2009, Apr – Jun). Islam’s enduring values for humanity. Muis distinguished visitors programme, 2009. Nadi 02/09, p. 27.

The message of the Grand Mufti of Syria, Sheikh Dr Ahmad Bader Eddin Hassoun during his lecture on 22 May 2009 which reinforces Muis’s vision of a Muslim community of excellence.

Dakwah, Organisasi Islam

3. (2016, Oct). Reconceptualizing the “Other”: Biblical wisdom for the modern world. Wasat 11, p. 12-17.

It discusses about Christianity and Islam in dealing with the modern and post-modern challenges these days. The writer observes that Christianity has much in common with the teachings of Islam.

Agama Samawi / Perbandingan Agama

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Edition No. 11

Reconceptualizing The “Other”: Biblical Wisdom For The Modern World

Islam is the final message of the Truth. A message of peace and emancipation which signifies humankind servitude and submission…

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